MIG Pattern Cutting Services: Gerber Grading, Lectra Grading & Marker Making

What We Do

  • Grade patterns to your specifications (all grading is 'by hand' on the computer. We recognise that each pattern is unique and should be graded to preserve the intended style lines whilst allowing for body growth).
  • Advise on grading specifications for mens, womens and childrenswear from our vast library of data. Prepare markers for 'costing purposes'. Prepare full production markers based upon factory specific criteria, i.e. table / lay lengths, CnC cutter capability, block / matching to incorporate full completion of size / colour / quantity requirements in an efficient manner.
  • Convert files between software systems for compatibility with remote production locations (full 'switching' available between LECTRA, GEMINI, GERBER, INVESTRONICA, POLYNEST, PAD,  and CYBRID SOFTWARE SYSTEMS).
  • We are able to present pattern files into Adobe Illustrator format, with each size on a separate layer, to assist in sublimation and print placement
  • Provide staff sickness/absence cover for all / any functions undertaken in your CAD room, e.g. digitizing, grading, plotting at short notice. All our digital data is archived for seven years offsite at a disaster recovery facility.